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The AMT Certification is a powerful system for your practice & patients

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Feel confident during your assessments, treatments, and communication with patients
  • Have a system to follow, with new clinical tools you can immediately implement into your practice
  • Think critically and creatively in a timely manner during the assessment to get to the root cause
  • Gather all relevant information and have ample time to treat, train and educate the patient for the ULTIMATE PATIENT EXPERIENCE!

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A Certification that will Give You Everything You Need to Become Exceptional 

  • Simplify Your Practice: Know what skills and techniques to use when, streamline assessments and treatment plans
  • Enhanced Exercise Prescription: Apply and teach learn new progressions & regressions
  • Apply Strength & Conditioning Principles: Greater rehabilitation and performance outcomes
  • Eliminate Patients Pain Quickly: Simple & effective treatment techniques
  • Get patients better faster SO THAT you can serve more people!

Why is AMT Certification Remote?

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Get instant access to the course upon purchase, no waiting for event dates.

Save Money

Eliminate travel, time-off work and expenses. Complete the course from the comfort of home.

Get Good Now!

Advance your career, years ahead of your peers!

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