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Say goodbye to the frustration of not knowing where to start!


Use a systematic approach around fundamental principles of Psychology, Neurology, Biology and Physics to SIMPLIFY and better UNDERSTAND your client’s needs and how you can get them Better, Faster!


The human brain loves structure and organization when it comes to storing and retrieving information for quick use. It then utilizes patterns to predict possible future outcomes and react faster in certain situations, especially ones that are potentially life threatening. This is a fundamental design of the brain to function, perform and survive at its highest level.

Understanding this fundamental design and then taking a complex topic such as the human being is critical to assimilate all of the available information and sift through it to get to what a person needs when in pain or not performing at their best. The AMT Level 1 provides the framework to organize your orthopedic knowledge and a system to use them more effectively.

This NEW approach of assessment and intervention will help you get clients moving better and out of pain FAST with less effort, and back doing what they love most!



In Level 1, we take the complex person and use a systematic approach around fundamental principles of Psychology, Neurology, Biology and Physics to SIMPLIFY and better UNDERSTAND the individual's needs and how you can best help them!

The Framework is built on:
  • Psychology: Communication (verbal/non-verbal), creating connection to establish trust, the use of language on the mental/emotional and physical body, creating hope by removing barriers and limiting beliefs, becoming the guide to lead them to their end goal.
  • Neurology: feedback and assessment outcomes are predicated in the Postural assessment (organization of inputs), Movement, Muscle testing, force outputs (output responses). Measure effectiveness of interventions. Output of the nervous system (body) determines effectiveness of inputs (interventions)
  • Biology: adaptation of cells and tissues, effects of treatment, hormone changes, embryological development, order of systems and tissue development, allocation of resources to systems and tissues.
  • Physics: the universal laws and principles that the universe runs on. Unchanging and indisputable. Matter vs Energy. All matter is created from energy. Everything vibrates at specific frequencies. Universal laws govern how things work and what is possible.

Develop your Framework• Consolidate Knowledge • Systematize your Process• Enhance Outcomes 


Discover the Hidden Drivers Behind Pain: Delve deeper into your patients' history beyond their current pain or injury. Uncover potential contributors from past trauma, habits, surgeries, and mindsets to gain a more comprehensive perspective that will transform your patient outcomes.

Create Seamless Continuity with Assessments: Achieve seamless continuity with your patients using Orthopedic, Movement, and Neurological Assessments. These assessments will give you the insights you need to guide your patients effectively towards their goals and achieve maximum results.

Prioritize Your Intervention with Expert Guidance: Prioritize your interventions and achieve greater effectiveness using our expert guidance system. Learn what's important, when to use specific tools, and how to use them for optimal results.

Decode Body Language for Faster Diagnosis: Analyze posture and read the body's physical presentation to decode pain patterns and predict issues before they arise. These skills will transform your clinical assessments, helping you identify and resolve problems faster.

Unlock the Body's Movement Potential: Unleash your patients' full movement potential with the Global Movement Scan. This assessment helps you understand how the body moves as a single unit and provides feedback on intervention effectiveness, taking your patient outcomes to the next level.

Harness the Power of Breathing: Breathing is the key to unlocking your patients' potential. Our Breathing Fundamentals and Techniques will provide your clients with the awareness and efficiency they need to resolve pain and enhance their performance.

Locate Diagnosis with Expert Accuracy: The nervous system plays a critical role in responding to everything in the environment. Our Mechanical Neurological Scan combined with Movement and Muscle Testing will provide you with the accuracy you need to locate the diagnosis and deliver immediate feedback on the effectiveness of your intervention.

Transform Diagnosis with Orthopedic Testing: Formulate a diagnosis and determine which direction of treatment is best suited for each individual client. Our Orthopedic Testing provides a new lens through which to view your patients, taking your diagnosis and treatment outcomes to new heights.

     Learning Modules Include:

    Module 1: Introduction To The Advanced Movement Therapist Certification

    Module 2: Subjective Assessment

    Module 3: Objective Assessment

    Module 4: The Global Movement Scan (GMS)

    Module 5: The Neurological System

    Module 6: Optimal Range of Motion

    Module 7: Muscle Testing

    Module 8: Language & Communication

    Module 9: Movement Therapy Foundations

    Module 10: Movement Foundations: Starting From The “Centre” and Building From the Ground Up

    Module 11: Organizing and Sequencing Movement Through Breath

    Module 12: Posture & Positioning

    Module 13: Neurodynamic's

    Module 14: The Cervical Spine: A Top-Down Approach

    Module 15: Working From The Centre: The Thorax & Lumbar Spine

    Module 16: Spinal Rehabilitation and Reintegration

    Module 17: The Foot & Ankle

    Module 18: The Hands & Wrists

    Module 19: The Shoulder Complex

    Module 20: The Hip

    Module 21: The Knee

    Module 22: The Elbow

    *Once you have reviewed and studied the online course material and quizzes, you will be prepared to take the AMT Level 1 Exam (included in the course and available online). A score of 80%+ must be attained to move on to Level 2.


    In this level, you will learn: 

    • ​A NEW framework to organize your assessment flow and consolidate your current orthopedic knowledge so you can get to the root cause quicker!
    • Create continuity and “FLOW” using Orthopedic, movement and neurological assessments, so you can efficiently and effectively create a plan to solve your clients problem.
    • ​How to prioritize intervention by WHAT’S important, WHAT tool to use and WHEN and HOW to use it with a system that GUIDES you so you can achieve greater outcomes.
    • ​Gain foundational knowledge of fundamental principles that will serve as a strong foundation for more complex skills in Level 2 so you can advance your career and SERVE MORE CLIENTS!




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