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On Demand Workshop, we break down:

  • Shoulder Health Strategies, so you can prevent shoulder injuries.
  • Self-Assessment and Corrective Techniques, so you can learn how to self-screen for mobility imbalances and correct them.
  • Special Bonus: Strict Muscle-Up Technique, so you can master this technique & develop strength, flexibility, and an enhanced shoulder complex.

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      In this video series we break down shoulder health strategies, offer solutions to self-assess, correct your own imbalances and techniques to treat your pain at home!

      As a SPECIAL BONUS, Tom has included steps for exploring every element to the path of completing a well-formed muscle-up exercise!

      The shoulder joint is one of the most common areas of the body prone to injury due to the complexity of its design and mobility available to it. The variety of exercises used to strengthen the shoulder and the muscles around it are abundant, but none more versatile and impressive than the strict muscle-up.

      When performed correctly and with strict form, it can be an excellent exercise to develop strength and flexibility in the shoulder complex and as an upper body push-pull combination.

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      A workshop that teaches athletes & movement professionals to use a simple and systematic approach to managing shoulders that are underperforming & possibly leading to injury.

      What sets our workshop apart is our focus on prevention and self-care. We want to empower you with the knowledge and strategies to maintain healthy shoulders for a lifetime. Here's what you can get excited about:

      1. Prevent shoulder injuries with quick, proven strategies.
      2. Discover the do's and don'ts of training for long-term joint health.
      3. Learn the 7 pillars of healthy shoulders and 3 steps you can do at home to treat your pain.
      4. Master the art of self-screening and correcting imbalances while strengthening and stabilizing your shoulders.Improve your overall mobility and flexibility
      5. Effectively treat old painful injuries using sound training and rehabilitation principles.

      Throughout the workshop, we will cover a range of valuable topics, including: 

      • Quick screening for mobility imbalances.
      • The 7 Principle Pillars for a healthy shoulder and 3 Practical Pillars.
      • Corrective exercise techniques utilizing foam rollers, bands, kettlebells, and bodyweight exercises.
      • A progressive program focusing on mobility and strength for the shoulder girdle complex, hips, and thoracic spine.
      • Special Bonus: Step-by-step guidance to safely perform the strict muscle-up on Olympic rings and a straight bar.

      To ensure you can continue practicing safe and effective techniques, participants will receive a digital booklet with detailed exercise descriptions. This allows you to incorporate these exercises into your daily routine and make long-lasting improvements to your shoulder health.

      Our workshop is a live recording of a progressive, interactive, and hands-on experience that you can easily follow along with at home. No matter your background or profession, this course is designed to benefit rehabilitation professionals including physiotherapists/physical therapists, occupational therapists, kinesiologists, athletic therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and PTA/OTAs.

      Say goodbye to pain, hello to strength, and unlock the full potential of your shoulders. Enroll now and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you!




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