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Global Movements to Screen for Orthopaedic Testing.

The global movement assessment is quick snapshot of how the body is moving and feeling as a unit. We need to be mindful as to how we move and how it feels. We are looking for differences in tension, pain, mobility and overall freedom of our movement so we can have a form of feedback to check with after we applied our interventions. If we find the right "key" to our nervous system and mobility, the body will respond with better movement quality and ultimately better performance.

This basic movement assessment will help teach you to see where the major mobility restrictions are located, how to tease them out, and in turn be able to move more effectively.

We’re going to look at the first 5 movement checks to see how the body is moving in general and how it feels when performing them. When performing these movements you want to make note of any tightness or "pinchyness" so that we can come back to it later. You are encouraged to re check the faulty or restricted movement.

  1. Toe touch
  2. Back Bend Wall Reach
  3. Standing rotation
  4. Single Leg Balance
  5. Triple Flexion (Squat pattern)

The aim is to help you self-assess your movement quality and restrictions and systematically apply correctives to the possible cause of their dysfunction. Then use your new pattern to enhance your mobility, function and performance.



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