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Let's Protect Your Ankles Against Sprains With Only A 2x6 And Band.

Unfortunately, ankle strength and mobility are often neglected unless you have experienced a major foot injury. Yet, these small joints carry the entire weight of your body around. Most people don’t spend dedicated time training and strengthening the ankles, and as a result, they may run into issues of stiffness, weakness, and chronic sprains.

There’s no denying ankle sprains suck. If you’re an athlete, you’ve probably had one or two in the past yourself. They take time to heal, but the best strategy is a preventative one. Assuming (hopefully) that you’re injury free and would like to stay that way, there is a bit of preventative work you can do to decrease your risk of ankle sprains and get those ankles bullet proofed.

What if I told you that you don’t even need much equipment to create bulletproof ankles? Here are some of my favourite exercises that will challenge your ankles in new and unconventional ways to make them strong, flexible, and unbreakable.

Follow along and show your ankles that you really do care. Don't forget to share with those who could benefit from it as well.



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