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If Regular Stretching Isn't Fixing Those Tight Hips, It Might Be a Joint Problem.

Are you getting a pinchy feeling deep in the hip and stretching isn't working? Follow along for a key to unlock your hip from a stiff joint. The best part is you need minimal equipment for this; just a thick loop band that can be secured to a ladder or something stationary that doesn't move. The band will help create some space in the hip joint and at the same time create stretch on the capsule.

4-Way Banded Hip Distraction Sequence:

A1: Deep lunge
A2: Deep lunge with fascial flossing
A3: Forward lunge with a glide
A4: Open half-kneel lunge

Repeat each of these movements for 15-20 reps, and move with your breathing. If you're looking for more simple exercises to help fix your pain, check out some other videos under "free insights".



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