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Are You Getting Some Golfer's Elbow Pain? Well It's Most Likely Not The Tendon's Fault, It's Probably The Joint.

Golfers elbow or tennis elbow is pain and inflammation at the inside and outside of the elbow. The pain is often described as sharp and is usually caused by overuse, or stressing tendons and muscles past their tolerance.

When we see the elbow cranked out to the side, there's usually a joint component going along with that elbow pain. If this pesky elbow pain is stopping you from your favourite sport or just from your daily activities, then follow along as I show you how to unlock it.

The best way to get it unlocked is to change the input by releasing the tissue around the joint, integrate mobility, and then creating some strength into the new range. Be sure to share with all your golf and tennis loving friends and let me know how it goes!



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