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Don't Suffer With Morning Back Pain and Stiffness. Try This One Exercise That's Not a Stretch.

Are you woken up every day by morning pain and stiffness? While these symptoms may be annoying or uncomfortable, don’t fret. Give this morning back pain remedy a shot!

It might seem a little counterintuitive, when we feel tightness, naturally we think we need to lengthen out our low back muscles but what if they're already over stretched and weak in this particular range? This is where this exercise is going to help. We're going to teach the low back muscles to develop some strength and control in the short range that you just might've lost.

After about 30-60 seconds worth of work, make sure to go back and check your work. See if your toe touch has changed. If it has, you've just corrected some of the muscle imbalance in the short range to allow the spine to bend in the long range.



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