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Did You Know Your Hip Pain Can Be Stemming From Poor Thoracic Rotation?

Today we're going to go through a combination of exercises that will help to open up the hip and thoracic spine and create some new range of motion, to be able to cut harder and faster.

We need rotation to do the simplest of tasks such as walking or checking your blind spot when reversing a car. The thoracic spine plays an important role in rotating the trunk for efficient power transfer. If the T-spine isn't rotating properly, other joints and muscles (such as your groin) could be overworking and blowing themselves out trying to find more power if there is an energy leak at the thoracic spine! This is where many of the common injuries in golf and tennis can be traced back to a lack of thoracic mobility. So if we can improve the rotation and connect them with some resistance to teach the body that it's a full body movement, we can cut harder and faster without injuring ankles, knees, hips or even our backs.

Let's go ahead and fix your movement mess before you really hurt yourself.



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