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Don't Have Access to Heavier Weights? Not to Worry! You Can Still Progress your Exercises by Adding a Resistance Band to your Dumbbells and Kettlebells.

I can't believe it's already been a year now since we launched The Complete Home Training Program! Our hope is that you’re feeling stronger, more mobile and more energized since implementing movement into your daily practice. By now, you might've found the exercises getting too easy with the dumbbells you've been using. With that being said, it's not overly easy to to go out and upgrade to a heavier set of weights with the recent shortage of exercise equipment. Or you might not have a ton of space to turn your living room or bedroom into a home gym.

Fortunately, all you need to level up your heavy lifts is a good ol' resistance band. Resistance bands are a a great training accessory tool. They are portable, lightweight, inexpensive, and you can train in multiple planes of motion. Adding a band to your weights can help create the feeling of extra load you would otherwise get from lifting heavier weights.

When you lift the same amount of weight for a prolonged period of time, your muscles can hit a plateau, making the exercise less challenging. Your muscles fibres will break down and inspire more growth, increasing your strength potential. Incorporating resistance bands in your lifting routine or The Complete Home Training Program can help add this load and intensity when you don't have access to heavier weights. Follow along as I show you how to do this!



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