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Don't Waste Time Warming Up, Do This Instead.

We all know the importance of a good warm up before any type of exercise. Adding a dynamic warm up routine into your program can be a highly effective way to improve performance, decrease risk of injury and mentally prepare for the session ahead. With that being said, it’s pretty easy to get carried away and find yourself spending more time warming up than actually training

I get it, life is busy. But if you're trying to crush it in the gym and you're noticing that your warm ups are consuming most of your time spent in the gym, then listen up! We're going to move the accessory blocks that we normally do at the end in block 3 and move it up to block one. We're going to push it to the front, reduce the amount of warm up and then follow with block 2 which is more strength, power and skill development and then finish with block 3 which is usually more for muscle development.

I hope this cuts down on your workout time. Just by adding some mobility and accessory work in the first block can save you a lot of time while getting you better prepared for more advanced exercises in your next block.



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