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Do You Want To Master One of The Most Functional and Complex Movement Patterns? Say Hello to The Turkish Get Up!

If you're looking to improve your movement proficiency, performance, or rehabilitating an injury, I highly recommend incorporating the Turkish Get Up into your exercise routine. This functional and complex movement pattern can also be an efficient way to get up and down off the ground.

In the video attached below, I will guide you step-by-step through the Turkish Get Up with important tips, cues, and common mistakes to avoid, so you can maximize benefits and prevent injury. This exercise will help you identify asymmetries between both sides of your body and expose any weaknesses or imbalances.

To perform the Turkish Get Up, we will be using three pieces of equipment; a shoe, a light kettlebell in the bottom up position, and a moderate weighted one. I recommend starting with the shoe variation, then progressing to the kettlebell. The bottom-up position of the kettlebell provides a self-limiting drill that helps train your grip and ensures proper alignment, grip, and position of the shoulder.

Once you have mastered the kettlebell in the bottom-up position, it's time to practice with a heavier weight. Move slowly through each transition and take the time to set up each position. Remember, good posture in one position sets up the next. Enjoy the work and have fun with this challenging exercise!

I have created a 3-part video series to help you safely progress through the Turkish Get Up.



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