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Hamstring Strength is Crucial for Strong Durable Knees. The Nordic Hamstring Curl is One of the Best Exercises to Develop Strength but is Extremely Challenging. If You're Not Quite at the Level of Hamstring Strength to Perform it Effectively, Here's Your Alternative.

The Nordic hamstring curl is one of my favourite, go-to exercises for strengthening and protecting your knees and boosting your overall performance.

It's an eccentric movement, meaning a motion that is done when the muscle is lengthening under load. It's a great bodyweight exercise that will get you strong hamstrings while helping to prevent injury, and minimize muscular imbalances and deficiencies.

However, I suck at them. I'm constantly working at being able to do my full bodyweight up and down. If you find yourself struggling and are not ready to perform the full Nordic hamstring curl like myself, I have an alternative for you. If you have a set up like we do at COMphysio, you can use a resistance band around the chest to execute a variation of this exercise. This will allow you to build strength and progress to full movement. But if you don't, I got you covered - follow along!

We all know how important it is to have strong hamstrings through full range of motion in order to protect the knees and back and improve performance.



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