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The Advanced Movement Therapist (AMT) Certification will push you to think differently and help you expand your knowledge further to become something greater. With adaptable and scalable techniques for your client's unique abilities, the AMT framework will propel your practice decades forward in a fraction of the time, making you the go-to expert in your area.  Check out what our program graduates are saying and contact us for more information or to register today!

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    ""The AMT provides efficiency and accuracy. It solves the problem of erratic assessments, where findings are hard to make sense of and patients are left with a random assortment of 15 exercises for their HEP that IF they stick to, will take way too much time and not yield the results they are expecting. Instead, the AMT guides your practice in a way that allows you to streamline your assessment findings so you know when you see something, what it means, and what to do about it. The AMT is able to take all your jumbled, scattered thoughts and findings and funnel them down into a client-centered treatment plan that ensures you are applying the right intervention, at the right time, in the right way that yields the greatest results.""

    Michael Arcuri (New Grad PT)

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    "If you're ever humming and hawing about whether you want to do this course, I highly recommend it. It’s going to open up your mind to a new array of wonderful exercises and progressions and ways to get function back into client’s lives. As well as get them healthy and active right away. It’s really a great thing,I highly recommend it."

    Jennifer Denys PT (Clinic Owner)

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    "It’s a valuable course! If you think you know exercise, you don’t really know advanced exercises until you work through the AMT. The techniques they use make a lot of sense and really help your practice. Some other courses just look at one specific region of the body but this one takes everything all together and really does help make you a better practitioner and help your patients."

    Shawn Ord PT (15 years)

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    "Straight out of school they teach you a lot of diagnostics and assessments, but treatment philosophies and techniques are always lacking. So just trying to fill that knowledge gap was something I was looking forward to when I first took this course. Coming in here with the lack of knowledge and how to treat conditions for people with different physical abilities. I took a lot away from just the treatment philosophies and the different treatment strategies that we can employ for these particular patient demographics right away."

    Daniel Zackodnik – PT (New Grad)

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